An unexpected thing

Somewhat to my surprise, re-reading my post from a year ago, it turns out I have actually achieved some of the things I was contemplating for 2018.

This is actually something of a surprise because I so rarely actually do achieve any of my utopian plans (I do some of them, somewhat. Just not usually close to the planned version).

Just shy of 5000 km for the year – close enough to contemplate getting it, but I stuck to the plan not to strain/stress. I got one more ride in today, though.

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This year’s achievement was the gym. It took until June to start going, but I’ve been twice a week almost every week since then. I’m still not quite sure why it’s stuck: it seems to be due to Fitbod, which I still find useful and easy to create/track workouts.

I did not do any multi-day rides: I actually cut down even the planned lunatic rides (no LWL, no C2C) to recover from the duff hip (which is mostly recovered, thanks to physio). I did do StP for a third time, but mostly I’ve been on club rides (and lead some of them).

No real plans for 2019 – although the gym continues. I will re-try running in January (with a couple of virtual runs) and continue with Zwift workouts. Planned rides are LWL, C2C (so, those I didn’t do this year!) and then RAB once more.

Well, RAB twice more. Four entries means the fifth is free, so 2020 or 2021 beckons as well, it seems. It would be rude not to.

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