Work and so on …

Still cycling, just haven’t generally done anything interesting enough to prod me to post about it. 

I did do a ramp test with the coach – max’d out at 300W (ie: couldn’t sustain 310W), partly because I was thirsty and hot. 

Cycling today on a baking September morning was fun – noodling out with a couple of red group riders, via a few hills. This bike will head for the turbo soon; I may even switch it over tomorrow. I need to change the pedals and switch the Condor to winter wheels etc … all a bit time consuming, but I have a 170k ride on Saturday  and I think I want to do it on the Condor. 

Slowly acquiring LEL-type bike bags – presents etc – so plan to test those out on Saturday as well 

Strength training 

In addition to starting commutes, I’ve started strength training properly as well (insofar as a single session can be called starting properly). 

I skipped the pub ride from sheer fatigue – seems counterproductive to force myself out when I was too tired to see straight. That appears to have worked – I was much better yesterday and this morning. 

So yesterday morning, to the gym. The training routine is from Friel’s Cyclist’s Training Bible (useful book generally); it develops through the training period. Current routine is:

  • Squats
  • Seated cable row
  • Lat pull down
  • Step ups
  • Push-ups
  • Knee extension (‘personal weakness’ bit – I’ve had some kneecap tracking issues in the past, which are fine at the moment but I’d like to keep it that way)
  • Standing cable row

Two sets, twenty reps each (this is a muscle endurance building phase; in later phases, the reps reduce and the weight goes up)

I’ve also got the logbook to go with the Bible – this blog is useful for general thoughts & rumination and reflection, but a short & to the point analysis of how I’m feeling plus metrics such as resting HR etc all in one place feels also useful. We shall see.