Bike fit

Second coaching session was actually a bike fit: I’ve had a bike fit in the past, on an old bike. My steel bike was fitted when I bought it; my carbon bike was not. So, we started with the carbon. Which is too big for me, it turns out – not by much, but the stem which I had already shortened to 70mm has been replaced by a 60mm stem (I did not know they came that small …)

I need to work on my pedalling movement – heel lifts on the downstroke, so I’m now working on holding the foot flat (or push the heel downwards on the downstroke). Practicing on the mountain bike today – the pedalling movement stays much the same, regardless.

The steel bike is being tweaked – will collect it later.

Coach says …

I have acquired a coach: primarily because I find it easier to get going on things if I know I will be checking in with someone about it later. Otherwise, I procrastinate – not badly enough to fail, but I would like to do more than just survive LEL2017, and I would like to improve my cycling generally.

So, coaching it is. The first session was general discussion – starting to map out what needs to happen, what logistics to think about etc.