Things learnt:

  • Stuff happens. In this case, a medical issue I had no control over and which would probably have caused me significant injury if I had continued. Sometimes you just have to call it.
  • Carry food. Even if the controls are supposed to be able to feed you, things do not always go accordingly to plan (two controls have run out of their planned food already – and that's before anyone gets there southbound)
  • Test everything completely. I did the first stage from a routesheet because the gps file somehow didn't make it onto my account – I suspect it got deleted by mistake when I updated another file.
  • Don't try and fix a valve problem on a tube, just replace the tube immediately – although that second tube also went flat overnight, damnit
  • Don't forget your buff. A door frequently opening into a well-lit corridor does not help sleep
  • Market Rasen station has a track crossing to get from one platform to the other. I didn't think those existed in the UK any more!

Now to taper …

The training is done. Last ride – which was more of a spin – was today with my cycling club (who most likely had forgotten my existence, as I’ve been off doing longer rides etc in training). 62.5 miles, to get it to the Rapha #womens100 ride as well.

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Attempted DIY 400k = 360k

Almost, but not quite – I would have kept going out if it was an event, but it wasn’t and so I didn’t.
I thought it would be a useful testing ground for a few things, and so it proved – although some of the things tested were unexpected.

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It’s all in the details

Details, and some more details, and things like that – I’ve been amusing myself by tweaking parts of the bike. Besides cycling, I also tend to take photographs (theatre productions, landscapes, architecture, random stuff) and I came across these headset spacers in the form of lens rings … which led to an ongoing quest to see how many bike parts I could find, in the form of camera parts.

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