Random kit update

Socks: not always the most interesting thing in the world, but some are better than others. I’ve basically settled on Kalf mid-length (ankle, in other words) reflective socks.

As the name says – they’re reflective, with a double chevron on the back of the ankle. Studies indicate that moving reflective stuff seems to get seen more than static (which is at least one reason pedals are supposed to have reflectors on them) so that’s a useful start. The socks are thin, but pretty durable as far as I can tell on a couple of hundred miles of riding – but that couple of hundred miles included walking up Hardknott and Wrynose in socked feet (it’s too steep to climb comfortably in cleats; not sure anything is really comfortable to climb in cleats, but those two areĀ climb and notĀ walk). The socks survived the climb without an issue.

That walk/climb also proved something else – these dry fast. The weather was dry when I went up, and the road was largely dry as a result, but it had rained the night before and there was some runoff from the fells onto the road – so my feet got somewhat wet from time to time, but the socks dried out very very quickly (whilst still walking). Bonus.

Note: not sponsored. I paid for the socks, and I have nothing to do with Kalf. I just like their socks.

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