So far, so good. Or something. Second cortisone/lubricant knee injection of the year, as it was all getting rather clunky again. I’ve been walking rather than cycling this week, partly a question of opportunity and partly because I still have a crocked gravel bike and the road bike is distinctly not suitable for this weather/roads (and the mountain bike is heavy and cumbersome). The crocked gravel bike has a fix date – the kit has arrived, but the workshop is busy so it’s had to wait for an open slot. I would replace it myself, but I’m not going to try and figure out hydraulic brakes myself without supervision the first time. One day I will find a full hydraulic disc brake course, but today is not that day (lots that deal with replacing pads etc. I can do that. It’s the actual hydraulics I want some reassurance on).

21kg off as well, mostly due to increased protein intake (as far as I can tell; it’s the only really changed variable. I’m eating less, but that seems to be because of the increased protein). It’s slowed a bit recently, probably because I keep second-guessing myself and playing the “if that works, this must be even better” game. It usually isn’t better or, at least, isn’t as sustainable. Back to the whey protein isolate, methinks.