It’s all in the details

Details, and some more details, and things like that – I’ve been amusing myself by tweaking parts of the bike. Besides cycling, I also tend to take photographs (theatre productions, landscapes, architecture, random stuff) and I came across these headset spacers in the form of lens rings … which led to an ongoing quest to see how many bike parts I could find, in the form of camera parts.

So far:

  • lens spacers on the headset from MashSF (also available in silver). They come with a Zeiss headset cap, but I already have a custom cap that I like (not camera-related – it’s my Rapha CC number. I have the membership for (a) bike rentals overseas when away for work and (b) because free coffee. Yes, I can drink an annual membership’s worth of coffee in a year. Easily).
  • shutter dial bar ends from kustomcaps. They do a headset cap as well.
  • film canister bidons from MashSF (Ilford and Kodachrome; I have one of each. They also do Fuji Velvia and Kodak Tri-X and Portra)

MashSF also has photo histogram bar tape in black and grey (I haven’t used it, as I have a bar tape I like so I’m sticking with it) and a Kodak cycling cap (I have enough caps … well, I have enough bidons as well, but I weakened there) as well as a different lens spacer.

The details amuse me … although I’m now contemplating swapping out the remaining spacer and headset base for plain black …

Note: not sponsored, I paid for all of these. I just like them.

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