Attempted DIY 400k = 360k

Almost, but not quite – I would have kept going out if it was an event, but it wasn’t and so I didn’t.
I thought it would be a useful testing ground for a few things, and so it proved – although some of the things tested were unexpected.

  • doing the route of the Dunwich Dynamo when it is not the DD means that there is nowhere to get food. The villages on the route appear to shut around 7pm, which is … unhelpful
  • not eating enough is fine for that ride, but the next day is when you pay: hence 360k and not the planned 410k. I was getting slower – and the relentless uphill didn’t help.
  • don’t believe forecasts. That 15C overnight turned out to be 10C, and left me shivering as I tried to sleep (ICE blanket under my jacket dealt with the worst of it, but it wasn’t great)

Other things:

  • I was sick and tired of sweet drink by the beginning of the second day. I’m going to try plain water with electrolytes as an alternative.
  • my hands blistered and were sore to the point that I was more comfortable riding without gloves on. Considering Rapha regular gloves as an alternative: a size down. I wonder if the problem is that my grippy bar tape grips the gloves and my hands twist/slide inside the gloves.
  • saddle, however, seems good to go! No repeat of the “issues” after the last 400k (which were manifest long before 360k!)
  • I should move my cycling computer from the stem to an out front mount to be able to see it more easily. There’s enough room, and I can swap it with the light remote.

Overall: it’s ok. I clearly should not do DIY brevets without planning – in detail – where to get food. LEL controls will provide food every 40-50 miles, which is fine, so that part is taken care of. Cold whilst sleeping also isn’t an issue, as sleeping facilities are also provided at controls. That is, the two big problems I had are not things that will occur on LEL.

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