Another milestone: pub rides are go, for me, again

Stage manager duties finally finished for the season, and I now get a break through until the end of October, so pub rides are back. The distance is fine – I did 100k a few weeks ago – but my speed is still a work in progress.

Checking the Strava stats of a couple of other participants, though, I concluded I would probably not hold up the pack too much and so ventured out last night.

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Ride: Mildenhall Festival 200k

The somewhat nebulous training ideas* for the next 12 months include doing a 200k ride each month as part of a block weekend, with the second part of the block increasing in length each month. So I dragged myself up at stupid o’clock to drive 70 miles in order to ride 125 miles (then drive back 70 miles). Read more

Club ride

Club ride out – 47.5 miles, 13mph, 3:40 moving time, 2,120ft elevation gain.

Good weather, generally – a bit windy – and the ride was good; I’m still atrocious on hills, but that will only improve with time and weightloss.

The new power meter pedals are – thankfully – straightforward to clip into and (more importantly) out of. I need to get some time to put the bike on the turbo and sort out the install angles (it wasn’t keen on doing it at the beginning of this ride) and I must remember to recalibrate after breaks. The power recorded for the second half of the ride, post-coffee stop, is half what was recorded for the first section (where I did calibrate). Looking at the data output, it apparently didn’t pick up one of the pedals properly after the break.

Post-ride: tired, wiped out. Probably need to sort out nutrition again – I may not be eating enough during the week.