… back to the turbo …

It’s getting cold, work isn’t getting any less time-consuming, so I’m back to the turbo. October was a bit cursory, in terms of riding – I planned to start a base build on October 29, so wasn’t too fussed about what happened before. A month “sort of off” isn’t really a bad idea.

I’m back to mixing TrainerRoad and Zwift – the workout from TrainerRoad and the visuals from Zwift (all New York; I’ve set the world hack to send me to NYC regardless of the calendar – I’ve found I like the circuit around the outside of the park, and the view of the Guggenheim every so often, although the “highline” is rather fun as well). The workouts are one of TR’s base build plans, mid volume, with Sunday rides mostly replaced with club rides.

I’m also working on bringing my cadence up a bit so workouts are done to a 160bpm(ish) playlist  – as it’s a lot easier to maintain the rhythm with music.

Gym twice a week continues as well. What doesn’t continue is attempts to run. Six weeks or so since the last time, my Achilles still hasn’t forgiven me.

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