Turbo – setting up the power meter

As I couldn’t get the power meter to set the install angles whilst riding on Sunday, I put the bike on the turbo to sort it out (easier to pedal at a particular cadence when you don’t have to negotiate junctions and traffic!). Sorted in a few seconds this time, helpfully. I’ve also set up a page on the Garmin to monitor L/R balance to be able to check if one of the pods drops out again (it didn’t). 

An hour touring Zwift Island passed rather more quickly than I recall before – absence makes the heart grow fonder? I think I’ll stick to riding outside anyway, though. It was a steady ride, nothing particularly hard. I was less tired yesterday, probably because I’d got enough sleep for a couple of nights and had caught up with food a bit better. 

Tired this morning though – awake for a couple of hours in the early morning. I must keep up with work and not let deadlines loom because the hamsters take over my brain at 2am. I was also short on calories yesterday, which won’t help either. 

Eat right. Sleep properly. That’s part of training as much as anything else is. 

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