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The hip, it hurteth. Again. This is unamusing, but most likely the result of not quite enough exercise and so on (too much work, not enough energy and so on and so on). Circling back around to “what can I do that I actually will do”?

The carefully crafted and never executed utopian plans just need to be let go of. I’m good at crafting them, but somewhere along the line forget to plan for “too tired, too much work, not enough time, don’t really like it”. Because, ultimately, I really do find resistance work dull. And tedious. Not having a functioning set of sports headphones doesn’t help, but even with all teh music, I’m still bored and it’s a chore.

So, utopian plan #[insert number of choice here. It’ll be too low] it is. Not so much a plan, more of a “go move, do something. Anything. It’s better than nothing” thing. And letting go of the mad-silly ride in May; I’ll keep the slightly less silly rides later in the summer because I do need goals, but I need not to break myself.

Turbo – yes, sure. Club rides and other outdoor rides – obviously. Swimming – absolutely (helps with the duff hip). Maybe even some running at some point (yeah, maybe). Resistance work … not so much. Maybe classes, if I can get to one regularly – at least, I will try a class or two to see if I find them more interesting than a solo trip around the free weights.


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