Food for thought (and other cliches)

Not feeling great – and have been feeling lousy for a couple of days. It doesn’t seem to be the viral crud going around, to any great degree. I’m wondering whether it’s related to an increase in exercise whilst still restricting calories. This isn’t really anything I haven’t done before, but maybe something different is happening now. Who knows. Opting for plan (b) for a while: focus on exercise and food quality but ignore calories. Also, I won’t rely on just protein for breakfast – I think I need some carbs (wholegrain etc).

So: meals and no snacks other than on-bike (usually not a problem unless I’m travelling. I need to figure out how to deal with travel-bored-induced eating). Protein shakes after hard efforts. Lots of vegetables, lean protein, whole grains. Dessert isn’t a thing around here, other than a square of dark chocolate, so that’ll do. I think I get a bit obsessed with reducing calories in without really thinking through calories out.

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