Changes & power

First thing to change (after the bike fit) is the pedals – nothing wrong with them, but I’m going to be training on power, so I have acquired Garmin Vector 2 pedals in order to get that power detail. The local bike shop came up with a good deal, so (after acquiring a torque wrench from ScrewFix) I installed them this afternoon.

Installation was pretty straightforward: the torque wrench isn’t critical, but it does help with maintaining consistency on both sides and from bike to bike. Part of the reason for going for this system is that I can move it to the other bike in winter, when the carbon bike goes onto the turbo trainer for winter. As the bikes have different bottom brackets, I can’t use a crank arm system. I did consider a power meter hub, but there’s a similar problem: the carbon bike has disc brakes, the steel bike has conventional brakes. The only one-type-fits all that’s really an option is pedals. Thankfully, the Vectors are Look Keo-compatible, as I’ve been using Keos for years.

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