Now to taper …

The training is done. Last ride – which was more of a spin – was today with my cycling club (who most likely had forgotten my existence, as I’ve been off doing longer rides etc in training). 62.5 miles, to get it to the Rapha #womens100 ride as well.

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Attempted DIY 400k = 360k

Almost, but not quite – I would have kept going out if it was an event, but it wasn’t and so I didn’t.
I thought it would be a useful testing ground for a few things, and so it proved – although some of the things tested were unexpected.

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… still here …

Lack of posts basically due to back/hip issues which have been restricting me to the turbo (am disinclined to go out when my back randomly seizes up and then takes a while to sort itself out). Posts about Strava … yeah, not so interesting.

That said, yesterday’s SST session was useful – and somewhat tiring (duh). Will put that on the rinse & repeat cycle.

Signed up for Sufferfest’s app also, partly for variety but also to access the yoga sessions as that may help with back etc.

And …  have signed up for LEL. It’s all official. So I’ve also signed up for a series of audaxes to add to the indoor training.

The commute is on again

Part-commute is back – cycling two stops down the line from home, leave the bike there and cycle home from there in the evening. It’s straightforward, and there are two route options: a longer hillier one (8.5 miles) and a shorter flatter one (7.9 miles). Did the longer one in the morning and the shorter in the evening – partly to remind myself of likely timings. Overall it adds about 20 minutes to my commute, saves a bit of cash, and adds about 16 miles to my weekly total. Useful. 

It was also the first proper test of the commute backpack – Showers Pass Transit bag. I prefer backpacks to panniers; I find panniers tiresome to carry around, even those with shoulder straps. I got the Transit because it’s seriously waterproof – I carry electronics and don’t particularly want them damp, thank you. It’s also cavernous, which is brilliant – I can carry all the day-to-day stuff (laptop, notebook, cables, pens, phones, wallet) and a change of clothes, a rain jacket, plus lunch and there was still plenty of room for my helmet to go in at the station (there’s a helmet pocket on the outside if I ever have to carry even more stuff inside the bag). There was still room in the bag even then. A pocket on the outside takes the toolkit, patches, CO2 and mini-pump, and a spare tube goes into an internal pocket. 

It’s comfortable on my back – the mesh stopped me getting particularly warm, and rides enough not to get in my way. Straps are wide and comfortable as well – I removed the waist strap because I don’t like them, and am very happy that Showers Pass have it as an optional thing! I’m fed up with tying back or cutting off waist straps on bags.