Ride high, ride long(ish)

Settling into a sigh of relief – Coast to Coast in a day has been done and done in a near-identical time to last time (which was three years ago and 10 kg less). So my fitness isn’t as under-trained as I’d thought it might be – the ride is 150 miles and 11,000ft climbing (not entirely evenly spread). That’s a lot more climbing than on any stage of LEL.

Injuries from the previous weekend also proved not to be an issue (a too-close encounter with a kerb left me with a rather uncomfortable knee and elbow. I had been concerned as to whether the knee would hold up, but it was fine – presumably blood flow etc helped to clear gunk out. 

Nutrition was … yeah, well. No breakfast – taking too long to serve and I was getting cold waiting so I gave up and just rode. Fairly sure you’re not really supposed to do Hardknott & Wrynose fasted – the coffee at the ferry was very welcome! Also didn’t really eat enough at feed stations – lack of inclination – and didn’t eat much whilst riding (some sweets at a low point was pretty much it). I was drinking squash/Lucozade so some calories came in that way – but not many. I have to resolve that better on LEL, as this is something I can get away with for one day but not for many more than that. 

Various plans for LEL are being experimented with, to try and work out a reasonable ride/break balance that still gets me round. Plan C looks like a go (although no plan survivors first contact …)

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