Ride 1, ride 2

IMG_0587Two rides this week (well, so far) – taking advantage of a few days break, snatched as something fell out of my diary.

Yesterday – 24 mile loop mostly on trails with the hybrid. This was fun (note to self: wear the padded knickers next time … the saddle on the hybrid is not that wonderful). The route should be good through the year with the MTB once the rain starts up in earnest (will be muddy as a muddy thing once that happens).

Today – worked a bit more, for a 32 mile loop up to the north; reasonable number of ups & downs, and Emily’s in Whitwell is rather good (I still prefer the Westmill Tearooms, but Emily’s is closer!). In terms of feel, it felt stronger than the riding has done – the ups were less of a struggle, mostly, and I did more standing than usual. The combination of weightless and work is beginning to show through, I hope.

Why/where the photo? Today’s route went past Luton airport, and the runway is just beyond the field …